About Us

With over 25 years of experience, the AOT group is one of Australia's leading inbound, wholesale and online distribution businesses offering a complete range of Australian, New Zealand and South pacific travel products and services.

The Australian Government has appointed the AOT group in the role of the single accommodation program manager to: provide travellers with an outstanding accommodation booking management service, ensure the best possible accommodation inventory is available Australia-wide, reduce accommodation supply costs, and ensure detailed transaction data and improved data analysis.

The business philosophies and values, which underpin our goals and visions, are aligned to those of the government in providing an exemplary level of service, ensuring cost reduction and efficiency increases, providing the best selection of products and inventory, actively managing the business processes and providing information and support to enable our clients to manage their business.

As a partner to the Australian Government to deliver Accommodation Program Management Services for more than one hundred agencies, AOT commits to providing an exceptional level of service to travellers and agencies. AOT's experience, resources and capabilities mean it is ideally placed to:

  • Aggregate the Government's purchasing power to obtain strong pricing arrangements and value for money outcomes,
  • Deliver exceptional accommodation booking services and management/administration support and,
  • Achieve a reduction in the administrative costs of procurement activities for agencies and the Government as a whole.

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